The Real Alice

Alice in Wonderland is easily the most surrealistic and popular children’s story ever created.


My Name Is Pinocchio

This version of the timeless story has a boy-narrator who qualifies as a “Teller of Tall Tales.”


Post Meridian (a Jazz ballet)

For many, Post Meridian means after dark, and it is true of this ballet. The action takes place in a tenement section of Manhattan in the l930s. It is a typical summer night, and it is hot. People are trying to sleep, sometimes even out on fire escapes. Through the city darkness a saxophonist can be heard wailing away, while different night-people can be seen moving about on the sidewalk. A few encounters are depicted, and even a skirmish with the police. Through it all, the distant saxophone can be heard as the night ensues.



The Triumph of Chopin

Frederick Chopin may well be the 1800s’ greatest composer after Beethoven, when one considers his abstract note combinations. Though most of his music was created for the piano, his notated poetry and drama influenced many of his contemporaries and those who succeeded him, even though they may have used the much louder orchestra. His originality was pronounced and highly influential. Here his FANTASIE is transformed into a work for Wind Harmonia (band), and his status as a “Monarch” of Music is even more evident. — All notes by Michael G. Cunningham


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