Track listing


01 The Beginning 6:21

Susan Aquila electric violin-Viper

Svjetlana Bukvich voice, zither harp, electronic sound, SFX design

David Rozenblatt percussion


02 Utopia  3:35

Philip Hamilton voice

Susan Aquila violin

Jacqueline Kerrod electric harp

Svjetlana Bukvich piano

Patrick Derivaz electric bass

Wylie Wirth drums


03 Extension  4:16

Kamala Sankaram mezzo-soprano

Samille Ganges contralto

Svjetlana Bukvich synthesizers, tuning design, SFX design


04 Once You Are Not A Stranger  4:10

ETHEL String Quartet

Kip Jones violin

Corin Lee violin

Ralph Farris viola

Dorothy Lawson cello

Patrick Derivaz electric bass

Svjetlana Bukvich electronic sound


05 Graves  6:43

Philip Hamilton voice

Jacqueline Kerrod electric harp

Nikola Radan alto flute

Richard Viard acoustic guitar

Svjetlana Bukvich piano, electronic sound

Wylie Wirth drums


06 Tattoo 4:29

Kamala Sankaram mezzo-soprano

Svjetlana Bukvich piano, electronic sound, lyrics


07 Stairs 2:40

Raphael Saphra cello

Joseph Brock double bass

Svjetlana Bukvich Moog synthesizer, electronic sound, SFX design


08 Once You Are Not A Stranger (Vocal) 2:00

Janis Brenner voice

Svjetlana Bukvich piano, voice, lyrics

Patrick Derivaz electric bass


09 Nema te (You Aren’t Here, You Aren’t There) 4:27

Jane Manning soprano

Bojan Gorišek piano

Kamala Sankaram mezzo-soprano

Svjetlana Bukvich synthesizers, SFX design, lyrics


10 Once You Are Not A Stranger (Reprise) 4:31

Shattered Glass String Orchestra

Patrick Derivaz electric bass

Svjetlana Bukvich electronic sound






Music composed, arranged, engineered, mixed, and produced by Svjetlana Bukvich

Co-produced by Mick Gochanour


Recorded at Q Department and Pencil Factory in New York City NY


Additional Engineers Roy Hendrickson on Once You Are Not A Stranger & Patrick Derivaz on Graves


Music mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland ME

Executive Producer Svjetlana Bukvich


Photography by Robert Herman

Graphics by MixUpNYC


Art Direction MixupNYC, Svjetlana Bukvich


©2020 CBCO Music [ASCAP] All rights reserved



Special thanks

to David Frost, Bob Ludwig, The EAR Classical, Denise Marsa, Drazen Bosnjak, Robert Herman, Mick Gochanour, PARMA Recordings, Carolyn Dorfman, Janis Brenner, Jeanette Stoner, and to my friends and family for their support and insight.


Tracks 1-3, 5, 6, 9: Originally Commissioned by Carolyn Dorfman Dance

Tracks 4, 8, 10: Originally Commissioned by Janis Brenner & Dancers

Tracks 7: Originally Commissioned by Jeanette Stoner and Dancers



PARMA Recordings


Executive Producer Bob Lord


Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Director Brandon MacNeil

A&R Morgan Santos


VP, Audio Production Jeff LeRoy

Audio Director Lucas Paquette


VP, Design & Marketing Brett Picknell

Art Director Ryan Harrison

Design Edward A. Fleming

Publicity Patrick Niland, Sara Warner









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