Violin Concerto


Siberian State Symphony Orchestra

Vladimir Lande conductor

Rafael Gintoli violin



The creation of VIOLIN CONCERTO by Alicia Terzian marked the beginning of her 65-year (and counting) compositional career. Originally composed in 1954/55, this important piece of her repertoire was brought to life thanks to a collaboration between Navona Records and the Siberian State Symphony Orchestra. This album also features Terzian's Three Pieces, which listeners can remember from their previous Navona release, OFF THE EDGE.


Like Three Pieces, Violin Concerto is a work of three movements. The first, "Allegro," establishes two contrasting themes: one that is very rhythmic, the other more lyrical in nature. The work is heard through the virtuous skill of the violin soloist, Rafael Gintoli, combines elements of the two themes, and includes Terzian’s skills with microtonalism.


The second movement is based on an ancient Armenian folk melody entitled "Daughter, your mother has died." This melancholic symphonic meditation, through variations, becomes a frantic passion, concluding in an acceptant peace. The third movement, "Andante-Allegro," bursts forth with a crash of the brass section and thunder of the timpani. The movement proceeds to an allegro vivace, which drives another agile violin solo.


Three Pieces, the album's second work, was composed in 1954 and is arranged for a string orchestra and inspired by different Armenian folk melodies. It has been performed on countless European stages since its creation. Both Three Pieces and Violin Concerto are included in the repertoire of important European, Asian and American orchestras.


VIOLIN CONCERTO is a daring work that is at last available for listeners around the world to enjoy thanks to this new release by Navona Records. Terzian’s music is truly timeless; this is made evident by the fact that her compositions—including those performed on VIOLIN CONCERTO—move audiences as much today as they first did half a century ago.



Release Date: April 10, 2020

Catalog #: NV6277

Format: Physical & Digital






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