And The Snow Did Lie is based on a series of images created to illustrate Germaine Guèvremont’s French-Canadian classic novel, Le Survenant. André Bergeron was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2012.  His ten lithographs have evocative titles drawn from the text of the novel. They depict a Northern landscape—from the wasteland of late autumn, through the gentling snow of winter, to springtime floods. The movements, played without a break, are “I. terre déguenillée (ragged earth);” “un seul nuage rougeoyait (a single cloud reddened);” “le firmament en est noir (lake and sky black with birds);” “II. des brouillards morts (wreathing mists);” “des signes dans le soleil (signs in the sun);” “le temps est blanc (the weather is white);” and, “III. l’hiver tirait donc au reste (winter gives way);” “le temps se rembrunit (overcast with rain);” “les grandes mers de mai (floods of May);” “il se perdit dans la nuit noire (into darkness).” The string quartet, And the Snow Did Lie,was commissioned by the Welsh Presteigne Festival of Music and the Arts 2014, Artistic Director George Vass, with generous funding from the Colwinston Charitable Trust.



Photos from the recording session, with Sirius Quartet.

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