Track listing


Gillian Zammit soprano

Frank Camilleri cello

Britt Arend harp


Claude Debussy

1 Beau Soir 2:31

for soprano, harp


Henri Duparc

2 Chanson triste 3:19

for soprano, harp


Gabriel Fauré

3 Notre amour Op. 23 No. 2 2:01

for soprano, harp


Jules Massenet

4 Élégie 3:14

for soprano, harp, cello


Francesco Tosti

5 Pour un baiser! 1:48

for soprano, harp


6 La Serenata 2:55

for soprano, harp


7 Sogno 3:33

for soprano, harp


8 Tristezza 3:42

for soprano, harp


Luigi Maurizio Tedeschi

9 Elegia 5:56

for harp, cello


Richard Strauss

10 Kling! Op. 48 No.3 1:47

for soprano, harp


11 Das Geheimnis Op. 17 No. 3 2:24

for soprano, harp


12 All mein Gedanken Op. 21 No. 1 1:16

for soprano, harp


13 Die Nacht Op. 10 No. 3 3:18

for soprano, harp


14 Allerseelen Op. 10 No. 8 3:14

for soprano, harp


15 Morgen! Op. 27 No. 4 4:13

for soprano, harp, cello


Alex Vella Gregory


for soprano, harp, cello

16 I. Vistu 2:54

17 II. Ma Ħallejt Xejn Warajk 3:01

18 III. Meta titgħallem titlaq 3:29


Heitor Villa-Lobos

19 Aria (Cantilena) 5:09

from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5

for soprano, harp, cello



Recorded October 26 - 28, 2019 at Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall, Zagreb, Croatia


Recording Session Producer Krešimir Seletković

Recording Session Engineer Jan Košulič

Cover photo Brian Grech



Executive Producer Bob Lord


Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Director Brandon MacNeil


VP, Audio Production Jeff LeRoy

Recording Sessions Director Levi Brown


International Recording Sessions Manager, Editing,

Mixing & Mastering Jan Košulič


Audio Director Lucas Paquette


VP, Design & Marketing Brett Picknell

Art Director Ryan Harrison

Design Edward A. Fleming

Publicity Patrick Niland, Sara Warner





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