Romance For Violin And Piano

This music, adapted from my violin concerto, expresses the depth of both tenderness and passion in an intimate setting for violin and piano, with each equal partners in the dance of feelings that intertwine when two people become close and fall in love.


String Quartet: Colors

The string quartet combines the beautiful flow and meshing of violins, viola and cello in four movements that offer contrasts of the different colors of the quartet, from the romantic interplay in the opening movement to the antic sounds of pizzicato in the second movement, and from the passionate spun out melody of the third movement to the excitement that builds in the final movement.


Piano Quartet #1: Johnny And Tony

This piano quartet explores the beautiful counterpoint, melody, and rhythms inspired by Brahms and Dvořák in their wonderful chamber music.


Piano Quartet #2: Moods

This music is a further exploration of the colors of the piano quartet ending in a light hearted finale that lifts the music to an upbeat ending. — Craig Madden Morris





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