was born and educated in New Zealand. He moved to Canada in 1967 where he continued his education at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto while pursuing a career in the insurance business. Since a competition win in 1987, his music has been heard in North America as well as in Europe and China. His output includes a chamber opera and five symphonies, the latter having all been recorded for Navona Records. Critical reviews have included “a significant compositional voice” and “irresistibly beautiful Romantic music” (for the album VALLARTA SUITE which included the 2nd Symphony), and “Robertson’s compositions are heartbreakingly beautiful and wonderfully timeless” (SYMPHONY NO. 1 — a release that included Strut in - A March For Orchestra and Suite for Orchestra). Reviews for the third album of Robertson’s music (which includes his Symphony #3 along with some concertante works — the whole entitled VIRTUOSITY) have said “His melodic imagination is astonishing” and “This is ... a perfect and varied collection of emotive pieces.” Robertson makes his home in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Anthony Armoré

Born into an Italian family near New York City, Anthony Armoré had a career in the United States as a conductor before taking up residence in Europe in 2001. During studies in the United States and Europe in conducting, horn, violin, and music theory, he gained performance experience as a horn player and violinist and, later, as a conductor.


Armoré was the music director/conductor for a number of orchestras in the American state of Oregon, including the Portland Chamber Orchestra, the Columbia Symphony Orchestra (Portland, associate conductor),  and the Newport Symphony Orchestra. He was a founder and artistic director/conductor of the Ernest Bloch Music Festival (1990/1994/1995), and Oregon Chamber Opera in Portland (1997-2000).


Once in Europe per the invitation of Maestro Ion Iancu from the Romanian National Opera in Timisoara, Romania, Armoré spent nearly four seasons as principal guest conductor and artistic advisor of the Black Sea Philharmonic (2001-2004); and associate director and staff conductor for Opera Constanta in Constanta, Romania. He is currently associate conductor and director of international projects for State Opera and Philharmonic Rousse/Bulgaria.


Armoré has conducted professional orchestras and opera companies in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic (Plzen, Ceske Budejovice, Brno, Ostrava & Karlovy Vary), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, the Slovak Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Finland, Germany, and China.


Long interested in the music of contemporary composers, Armoré recorded an album for the Swiss record label VDE-Gallo Disques in 1997 with the Slovak Sinfonietta called Returns: Pacific Northwest Composers from Europe featuring the music of Ernest Bloch, Thomas Svoboda, and Klaus Cornell. Armoré has conducted world-premiere performances of several of Svoboda’s and Cornell’s orchestral works.


Armoré records with various orchestras, including the Janáček Philharmonic, for music by such composers as Mark McEncroe (Australia); Peter Greve (Holland); John Robertson (Canada); and Antoine Fafard (UK).  Since 2001, Armoré has been involved in the training of conductors, producing Conducting Masterclasses for both symphonic and operatic conductors, and the biennial Blue Danube International Opera Conducting Competition, now in its Seventh Edition (2017). Armoré lives and is based in Vienna, Austria with his wife, Elena, and their two children: Sophia and Matteo.








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