Above: Photos from the recording session.




The title TRANSIT VOICES and some of the ideas in these works were inspired by Andrew Robinson’s book Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World’s Undeciphered Scripts. Most of humanity’s past was not written down until rather late, and stories before that time were passed on orally. Records found are tokens which can only be pieced together as clues; even if understood today, they would now have different meanings.


Most of human history is unknown to us and all we have are underground landscapes. The meaning of words have changed throughout time— what did the word “love” mean 5,000 years ago? How much of their meanings are still with us today? The works here are an attempt to explore the hidden possibilities of humans’ past existence. One might ask: what about Pollock’s paintings? Are they not the most organic paintings in modern history? Since music is an abstract art, we can similarly conceptualize its meaning.


If we found ancient musical scores, what would they sound like, and what would they mean? These clarinet works explore possible answers to these questions, as we find our way through underground landscapes on TRANSIT VOICES. — Carl Vollrath







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