Track listing


Jane O’Leary

1 From Sea-Grey Shores 9:39

RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra

Gavin Maloney conductor


Peter Dickson Lopez

2 The Ship of Death 21:18

Text The Ship of Death, D. H. Lawrence

Arch Ensemble for Experimental Music

Robert Hughes conductor and co-music director

Thomas Buckner tenor and co-music director


Corrina Bonshek

3 Dreams of the Earth I 8:59

Ady Ensemble

Adrian Head conductor





From Sea-Grey Shores

Recorded live November 7, 2017 at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland

Recorded by RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra


The Ship of Death

Recorded live February 22-24, 1980 in San Francisco CA

Recording Engineer Bob Shumaker

Editing and Mixing Bob Shumaker, Robert Hughes, Tom Buckner, Peter Dickson Lopez

Patrice Hambelton flute; Robin May oboe; William Wohlmacher clarinet; Greg Barber bassoon; George Mealy french horn; Carole Klein trumpet; Johannes Mager trombone; Dan Smiley violin; Lorrie Hunt viola; Ami Radunskaya cello; Rae Imamura piano; Norman Peck, Ward Spangler, Raymond Froelich, Peter Scherer, Perry Dreiman, Scott Thomas percussion; Paula Abrams harp; Sarah Lutman manager; Anthony Gnazzo live electronics

Conversion of Tape Media to Digital Format Peter Dickson Lopez

Compilation of Excerpts (2020) Peter Dickson Lopez

Original Release: 1750 Arch Records, 1983

Library of Congress Catalogue No. 82-743344


Dreams of the Earth I

Recorded December 16, 2018 at 4MBS Classic FM103.7 in Brisbane, Australia

Recording Session Engineer Richard Grayden

Editing and Mixing Adrian Head

Violin I Sam Andrews (Concertmaster), Tom Riethmuller, Richard Clegg,

Jorge Al Gindi, Greta Kelly, Sarah Trenaman.

Violin II Helen Carvolth, Helen Bereton, Kaitlyn Bowen, Ben Richards,

Lexi Gorton, Cara Taggart.

Viola Samara Marinelli, Josephine Ford, Rafael Andrade.

Cello Naomi Faulkner, Chloe Yap, Sophie Loades

Double Bass Sam Nock, Sophie Collis


Executive Producer Bob Lord


Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Director Brandon MacNeil

A&R Quinton Blue, Danielle Lewis


VP, Audio Production Jeff LeRoy

Audio Director Lucas Paquette

Mastering Shaun Michaud


VP, Design & Marketing Brett Picknell

Art Director Ryan Harrison

Design Edward A. Fleming

Publicity Patrick Niland, Sara Warner








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