Musical Images for Piano: Reflections & Recollections Vol. 4

Mark John McEncroe composer
Van-Anh Nguyen piano

Release Date: January 14, 2022
Catalog #: NV6391
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century
Solo Instrumental

MUSICAL IMAGES FOR PIANO: REFLECTIONS AND RECOLLECTIONS VOL. 4 is the last installment of Mark John McEncroe’s REFLECTIONS AND RECOLLECTIONS series. While McEncroe often releases piano reductions of his larger scale pieces in an effort to make the most of each composition, the music featured on this album was crafted specifically for solo piano performance. As a retired chef, this Australian composer and classically-trained pianist is always thinking about his works in terms of ingredients; by carefully blending seemingly disparate “flavors,” he consistently concocts surprising and satisfying tonal creations. In this latest volume, McEncroe does just that, drawing on his own personal experiences to inform his music.


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Track Listing & Credits

# Title Composer Performer
01 In A Dorian Mood Mark John McEncroe Van-Anh Nguyen, piano 4:23
02 And The Congregation Goes - Amen Mark John McEncroe Van-Anh Nguyen, piano 7:04
03 A Celtic Adante Mark John McEncroe Van-Anh Nguyen, piano 8:27
04 Into The Realm of Dark Matter Mark John McEncroe Van-Anh Nguyen, piano 5:51
05 For Cecile - A Slow Waltz Mark John McEncroe Van-Anh Nguyen, piano 8:04
06 Fanfare - A Tribute To The Wilderness Mark John McEncroe Van-Anh Nguyen, piano 10:25
07 The Medieval Connection & Now Mark John McEncroe Van-Anh Nguyen, piano 10:39
08 Echoes in the Night's Silence Mark John McEncroe Van-Anh Nguyen, piano 9:49

Recorded January 2020 at Trackdown Studios in Sydney, Australia

Session Producer & Engineer Rose Mackenzie-Peterson
Mastering by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering in Sydney, Australia

Photos Trackdown Studios

Executive Producer Bob Lord

Executive A&R Sam Renshaw
A&R Director Brandon MacNeil
A&R Chris Robinson

VP of Production Jan Košulič
Audio Director Lucas Paquette

VP, Design & Marketing Brett Picknell
Art Director Ryan Harrison
Design Edward A. Fleming
Publicity Patrick Niland, Aidan Curran
Content Manager Sara Warner

Artist Information

Mark John McEncroe


Australian composer and classically trained pianist Mark John McEncroe writes for solo piano and orchestras of all sizes. His compositions have been performed throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States, with the biggest highlight to date being a concert at Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium in February 2020.

Van-Anh Nguyen

Van-Anh Nguyen


Having started piano studies at the tender age of 13 months old, Australian-born pianist, composer, and TV host Van-Anh Nguyen maintains an intense global touring schedule across most continents.

Her bubbly personality and emotive playing has graced international stages including the Sydney Opera House (AUS), City Recital Hall, Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre (China), Segerstrom Center Of The Arts (USA), San Francisco Botanical Gardens, and more. She regularly guests with the Ho Chi Minh City Symphony Orchestra (HCMC, Vietnam) and Vietnamese American Philharmonic Orchestra (California, USA).

Nguyen currently has 5 albums released on all major digital music outlets. She is the newest addition as TV host to the Discovery Channel Asia team.

photo: Trackdown Studios


Volume 4 is the last volume of piano pieces belonging to Mark John McEncroe’s REFLECTIONS AND RECOLLECTIONS series. These are very personal pieces inspired by a variety of chapters in his life.

As a retired chef, McEncroe employs the ideals and skill sets learned in the food industry to his compositions. McEnroe lets nothing go to waste, and crafts compositions out of musical ingredients that may not work on their own, but blend together to make something unique and deeply personal. When working on larger pieces, McEncroe saves their pianistic reductions and adapts them to serve a solo piano setting, making the most of his musical creations for the consumption and enjoyment of listeners. In this unique collection, however, the composer crafted works specifically for piano performance.

As a composer, McEncroe draws upon past experiences and the tranquility of his Japanese garden and Koi pond. Beyond that, he lets his music tell his stories, and encourages listeners to look inward and create their own context with his compositions to establish a deeper and more personal connection to the music.