There Will Be Rainbow

Piano Works

Tamas Szigyarto composer & piano

Release Date: August 25, 2023
Catalog #: NV6551
Format: Digital
21st Century
Solo Instrumental

THERE WILL BE RAINBOW is an elegant and captivating collection of 12 piano pieces composed by pianist Tamas Szigyarto over the past decade. Not originally planned as a complete work, it has unfolded over time as a full-length suite that shares the same overall theme of harmony and reflection. This set of 12 interconnected pieces leads a continuous narrative from beginning to end, closing with the eponymous title track. All original compositions (except for Naima, a paraphrase of the acclaimed piece by John Coltrane), it seeks to illuminate and embolden the listener. The rainbow is used as a symbol, a metaphor for a glimmer of hope that drives us forward in the times of sadness and sorrow. The themes from THERE WILL BE RAINBOW are a perfect reflection of the project’s core musicality and concept.


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Track Listing & Credits

# Title Composer Performer
01 Intangible Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 3:39
02 Distant Sound Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 2:31
03 The Crux Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 3:25
04 By The River Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 2:20
05 Fairies Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 2:25
06 White Border Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 2:34
07 Gates Of Antares Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 2:39
08 Slow Poetry Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 6:05
09 Reminisce Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 2:04
10 Naima John Coltrane arr. Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 4:01
11 Bleak Lines Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 8:02
12 There Will Be Rainbow Tamas Szigyarto Tamas Szigyarto, piano 4:02

Cover Artwork by Maria Golovkina

Notes by Robert Mitchell
Pianist, Composer, Poet, Steinway Artist, and Professor of Jazz Piano at Guildhall School of Music and Drama/Leeds Conservatoire

Recorded November-December, 2022 at West London Music Studio in London, United Kingdom
Session Recording Engineer Alessandro Omiciuolo
Mixing, Mastering Paul Eachus
Piano Tech Michael Lewis

Executive Producer Bob Lord

A&R Director Brandon MacNeil
A&R Danielle Sullivan

VP of Production Jan Košulič
Audio Director Lucas Paquette

VP, Design & Marketing Brett Picknell
Art Director Ryan Harrison
Design Edward A. Fleming
Publicity Patrick Niland

Artist Information

Tamas Szigyarto

Composer, Pianist

Tamas Szigyarto was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was schooled in classical piano from the age of 10 and progressed into drums & percussion from 17. For the following decade, he played in numerous alternative rock bands. Szigyarto studied Mathematics at St.Petersburg State University (graduated with MSc. in Math in 2006) and Commercial Music Performance at Tech Music School (BIMM Institute) in London. Here he met and played with London’s alt pop trio Fassine.


A transcendently beautiful, melancholic yet uplifting collection of piano poetry. The compositions and performances have been flawlessly captured at the fantastic West London Music studio on their 1971 Steinway B. Fantastic project!

— Robert Mitchell

I see a leaf being blown ever so slightly then eventually by a flowing wind taking it over a landscape it would never have seen before. Wonderful turns of phrase and harmonic context reveal a celestial garden from within the original motif.

— Robert Mitchell

Interlocking scalic and arpeggiated motions interweave. Where they overlap marks the revealing of a small theme — a signature key that only partially unlocks a view on the distinctive path towards a beautiful tangential destination.

— Robert Mitchell

Repeated left hand chords are the center. This grounds a melody of intervallic intrigue with a rhythmic heart that pendulates between a gentle inwards and more rapid upwards flourish. The ending is reminiscent of a gentle asynchronous diminuendo of a mechanical watch in need of winding (a music all of its own).

— Robert Mitchell

The flow of time here is the river itself. Momentary features rise, fall, and flow in a style so at odds with the obsessive speed of everything now. Satie, Mompou, Cage, Miles, Pärt are amongst the tributaries.

— Robert Mitchell

No matter how repetitious the task, this tiny being carves out a path of beauty. A miniature sonic journal entry filled with hope and slow burn anticipation. The smile never leaves her face while the magic glow remains in place.

— Robert Mitchell

The motivic phrasing of a calligrapher, in tune with the meter that each stroke builds as one-word flows into the next. The last long lingering chord like the deepening comprehension of the final full image!

— Robert Mitchell

In tribute to the complex battle board game. A single triad reaches outward towards waves of complexity a tritone away. Each piece of the strategic challenge is singularly examined before the range of outcomes starts to enter the imagination.

— Robert Mitchell

The DNA here betrays a gentle clave quietly driving the motion. A cellular structure facing one way and then the other. A small family of aeolian pigments debate the nature of time itself.

— Robert Mitchell

A gentle song of remembrance. Melodic arc of minor persuasion accompanying the page turn of a photo album/sequence.

— Robert Mitchell

A beautiful minimal portrait of the John Coltrane immortal hymn to beauty.

— Robert Mitchell

A melody formed by a sculpted subset of a rainy squall. The process of evaporation forms a second subject — a clearing of the consciousness — before the brewing renewal of the ingredients going into the next cloudburst.

— Robert Mitchell

After the storm, a meditative conversation emerges from the drone. A gentle circular dance, embracing a jewel of a melody in the key of hope.

— Robert Mitchell


Live version of Fairies by Tamas Szigyarto