Hailed as “convincing, emotional, passionate and vivid” (The Musical Review) and “destined to enter the ranks of the standard classical repertoire” (New York Times), Fredrick Kaufman resonates with worldwide audiences through impassioned and prolific compositions that go beyond mere interpretation. He thoroughly digests inspiration,internalizing and individualizing his ideas to create moving and impactful works that do more than simply relay a message—Kaufman’s music captures feeling and emotion, reaching the listener with convincing sincerity. GUERNICA, Kaufman’s debut release on Navona Records, features three of his orchestral works: the “Guernica” Piano Concerto, an anti-war piece that both depicts the horrors of war and cries out for peace with haunting melodies and intoxicating rhythms; Concerto for Cello and String Orchestra, “Kaddish,” a work written in memory of the composer’s parents, representing their devotion, intelligence, and complexities; and Seascape, an orchestral work representative of the natural order of existence as illustrated by the dual calmness and turbulence of the sea.


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