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Composer Lawrence Ball has long been fascinated by the intersection of subjective human emotion and algorithmic mathematical objectivity.  In his 2012 Navona Records release METHOD MUSIC, produced by Pete Townshend of The Who and PARMA Recordings CEO Bob Lord, he took Townshend’s long-gestating concept of automatic musical portraiture first explored in LIFEHOUSE and WHO’S NEXT and turned it into reality, creating a system which could translate personal information and experiences into sound.


ENERGY DIAMOND, Ball’s latest release, continues his exploration both of sheer intuitive as well as of systems-based composition.  Featuring mainly live performances taken from Ball’s own Planet Tree Music Festival (praised by composer Terry Riley as "uncompromising in its artistic integrity… a rare and cherished event") from 1995 to 2011, the music includes the composer’s Harmonic Maths concept and create sounds and structures both expansive and dynamic.


Ball’s approach is refreshing in its desire to avoid presuppositions. “Modulation, harmonic progression – I question the usual base definitions of those,” he says.  “They are constructs to question, to look at and to reinterpret and redefine in meaningful ways.  Modulation can be change of tonal set, one set of notes changing to another.  It can also mean the same tonal set, but with a different tonal centre, or a shift of emphases.”


Acclaimed by Pitchfork for his “wondrous, rippling, and startlingly tactile music” and with a four-decade long composition career at his back, Ball’s profound musical mind is really hitting its stride.     




Ball’s previous Navona release METHOD MUSIC (2012) featured “Meher Baba Piece”, which was featured on The Who’s 2006 ENDLESS WIRE (Universal Republic) as part of the track “Fragments”


Songs on the album were created using Ball’s algorithmic “Harmonic Maths” system of composition


A classical music based composer with over 170 scored compositions and 3,000 recorded piano improvisations, Ball is influenced by many other genres, including jazz, Indian, Moroccan, and rock music, often combining music with meditation and/or computer-generation





Lawrence Ball


Release Date: September 9, 2016

Catalog #: NV6058





    Energy Diamond (2000)

1.  I

2. II


3.  Fractal Study 2 (1985)


4.  The Clown (1998)


    Viola Suite 2 (1990)

5.  I

6.  II

7.  III

8.  IV


     Piano Suite 4 (1998)

9.   Austere Eastern

10. The Swing




Energy Diamond (2000)

Cor Anglais Qquartet | Althea Talbot-Howard, cor anglais; Jackie Norrie, violin; Amanda Chancellor, viola; Dinah Beamish, cello

Recorded November 11, 2000 at Union Chapel

in Islington, London part of the 4th Planet Tree Music Festival

Recorded by Michael Klein


Fractal Study 2 (1985)

Alessandra Celletti, piano

Recorded November 20, 2011 at The Red Hedgehog

in Highgate, London part of the 8th Planet Tree Music Festival

Recorded by the late Mike Skeet


The Clown (1998)

Javier Negrin, piano

Recorded November 13, 1998 at Conway Hall

in Holborn, London part of the 3rd Planet Tree Music Festival

Recorded by Jason Edge


Viola Suite 2 (1990)

Neil Davis, viola

Recorded February 1995 at Unitarian Chapel

in Hampstead, London part of a concert in aid of the charity Roadpeace


Piano Suite 4  (1998)

Javier Negrin, piano


Cover image by Lawrence Ball using the software "Visual Harmony" created by Dave Snowdon and Lawrence Ball


Executive Producer Bob Lord

Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Chris Robinson

Audio Director Jeff LeRoy

Production Engineer Lucas Paquette

Art & Production Director Brett Picknell

Graphic Designer Ryan Harrison

Marketing Mike Mahn





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