Folium - prime

Folium was originally commissioned by Luisa Sello for viola and audience featuring Michael Hall. The piece quickly emerged into three iterations: Folium – prime, Folium – squared for flute and cello and Folium – cubed for soprano sax. All three pieces in series were inspired by a poem by Luisa Sello. We both share a love for poetry and music. “Let Clover be Aid” is Luisa’s only poem in English.



Commissioned and performed by Mark Lowry for vibraphone, woodblock, log drum, gongs and song bird whistle with video collaboration by Caitlin Horsmon.

Map of Rain Hitting Water

When Mark Lowry first mentioned the idea of writing a percussion piece about timbre and “new sounds,” I immediately turned to poetry to inspire some imagery. Friend, poet and colleague, Wayne Miller recently published his book, “What Night Says to the Empty Boat: (notes for a film in verse).” I was drawn to the last poem of the text, “Clarence Playing.”



Video work by Caitlin Horsmon


Full track:



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