Yeats Songs (1977)

Andrew R. White baritone   Hadley McCarroll piano


1  I.The Lover Pleads With His Friend For Old Friends   1:46

2  II. The Moods   1:14

3  III. A Drinking Song   0:37

4  IV. The Old Men Admiring Themselves In The Water   1:22

5  V. Maid Quiet   2:24



Renaissance Songs (1976)

Justin Marsh tenor   Hadley McCarroll piano


6  I. Prisoners   0:58

7  II. The Silver Swan   1:00

8  III. Aubade   0:56

9  IV. Bitter-Sweet   1:05

10  V. A Fancy   0:50




Megan Stetson mezzo-soprano (11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19)

Richard Mix bass (13,18, 20)   Allan Crossman piano


11  I. New Songs  (poem by Lorca)   0:57

12  II. New Songs 2  (Lorca)   2:26

13  III. Dream  (Lorca)   2:00

14 IV. Water  (Claudius)   1:38

15  V. Landscape  (Lorca)   1:51

16  VI. Deep In The Heavens (Huch)   0:52

17  VII. That Windless Hour (Joyce)   1:41

18  VIII. Poem Of Ecstasy  (Scriabin)   2:24

19  IX. The Leaves Murmur In The Wind (Spain)   1:40

20  X. My Entire Life Before Me  (Louis Phillips)   2:08



Three Sonatinas, for piano (2014)

Karolina Rojahn piano


Sonatina Nº 1

21  I. Grazioso e leggero   1:31

22  II. Adagietto   1:02

23  III. Con brio   0:58


Sonatina Nº 2

24  I. Languido   1:06

25  II. Delicato   1:33

26  III. Volando   0:46


Sonatina Nº 3

27  I. Giocoso   0:51

28  II. Andantino   2:00

29  III. Furioso   0:40



30  The Hippocampus’ Monologue (2013)   3:40

from the opera “Rosetta’s Stone”

Cass Panuska soprano   Hadley McCarroll piano



Two Songs on American Poetry (1976)

Cass Panuska soprano   Hadley McCarroll piano


31  I. Lost    2:19

32  II. Prayer to Persephone    3:00



Sonata fLux, for piano (2011)

Keisuke Nakagoshi piano


33  I. Moto Atlantico   6:12

34  II. fLight of the Firefly   4:36

35  III. Rondo a Pollock   5:06






Yeats Songs, Renaissance Songs, The Hippocampus’ Monologue,

Two Songs on American Poetry

Recorded July 25, 2017 at The Sol Joseph Recital Hall in San Francisco CA Conservatory of Music

Recording Engineer Mark Lemaire


10 Songs & Sonata fLux, for piano

Recorded July 2017 at The Sol Joseph Recital Hall in San Francisco CA Conservatory of Music

Recording Engineer Mark Lemaire

Recording Producer Seth Ducey


Three Sonatinas, for piano

Recorded June 30, 2017 at Futura Productions in Roslindale MA

Recording Producer John Page

Recording Engineer John Weston

Assistant Engineer Alec Seymour




Songs - permissions


Liner notes written by Allan Crossman and John G. Bilotta


Keisuke Nakagoshi photo by permission of Naxos


• New Songs, New Songs 2, Landscape, Dream - text from LORCA, ©1960 by New Directions Publishing Corp., translations by J.L. Gili. Used by permission.


•  Water, Deep in the Heavens - from TWENTIETH-CENTURY GERMAN VERSE,

©1952 by Princeton University Press, translations by Herman Salinger.

Used by permission.


• That Windless Hour - from A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN,

by James Joyce, ©1916 by B.W. Huebsch, NY, NY. Public Domain.


• Poem of Ecstasy - from SCRIABIN, by Faubion Bowers, ©1969 by Kodansha International, Ltd.

Used by persmission.


• The Leaves Murmur in the Wind - from THE PENGUIN BOOK OF SPANISH VERSE,

Penguin Books, Ltd.; translation  ©1956, 1960 by J.M. Cohen. Used by permission.


• My Entire Life Before Me - from THE DOMAIN OF SILENCE, by Louis Phillips,

© 2015 by Pleasure Boat Studio, NY, NY. Used by permission.


all music © Allan Crossman





Executive Producer  Bob Lord

Executive A&R  Sam Renshaw

A&R  Chris Robinson, Marina Altschiller

Audio Director  Jeff LeRoy

Engineering Manager  Lucas Paquette

Editing, Mixing & Mastering  Shaun Michaud

Recording Sessions Manager  Levi Brown

Design & Marketing Director  Brett Picknell

Design  Emily Roulo





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