Carlos Simon Composer


1. Our Ancestor’s Legacy - with Rev. Quantez Pressley


2. Portrait of a Queen - with Rev. Quantez Pressley

Teagan Faran violin I

Michael Acosta violin I

Anna Berntsson violin I

Tobias Murphy violin I


Ben Jackson violin II

Alejandro Larumbe violin II

Zach Ragent violin II

Nicklas Tamm violin II


Lindsey Volk viola

Aimee McAnulty viola


Pedro Sanchez cello

Kelsey Vandervall cello

Julia Lefond cello

Andrew Plaister cello


Nathaniel Gualteiri bass

Nicholas Koehler piano

Laura Grems percussion


3. Interlude - Elegy


4. Elegy: A Cry from the Grave

Tegan Faran violin I

Victor Huls violin II

Zoe viola

Reuben cello


5. Generations (electronic piece)


6. Interlude- stillness


7. be still and know

Phoebe Wu piano

Teagan Faran violin

Victor Huls cello


8. White Only. Colored Only

Andrew Peck bass

Ian Finkelstein piano

David Lazar trumpet

Stephen Grady alto saxophone

Kayvon Gordon drum


9. Interlude - Change the World - with Rev. Quantez Pressley


Written by Carlos Simon and Christopher Terrell

10. I Feel It Some Way

Christopher Terrell guitar


All other instruments Carlos Simon



11. Bonus: Lickety Split

Joshua Marzan piano

Josh DeVries cello




All tracks Recorded at Duderstadt Audio Studios Ann Arbor, Michigan


Mixed and Mastered Rishi Daftuar


Executive Producer Bob Lord

Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Marina Altschiller

Audio Director Jeff LeRoy

Engineering Manager Lucas Paquette

Mastering Shaun Michaud

Design & Marketing Director Brett Picknell

Design Emily Roulo


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