We chatted with composer, pianist, and Navona Records artist Antonija Pacek. Based in Vienna Austria, Antonija has released four albums to critical acclaim, the latest being the album FOREVER on Navona Records.

She is self-described as a romanticist with a soft spot for minimalism, and writes music that is genuine to her and reflects a wide variety of styles and musical tastes. Antonija is also a professor of psychology and owns a firm that focuses on boosting individual creativity and corporate innovation. In this interview, we discussed Antonija’s background, how her understanding of psychology influences her music, the inspiration behind the pieces on this album, and more.

Thank you Antonija for taking time to speak with us!

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FOREVER - album cover


Self-taught pianist Antonija Pacek impresses with FOREVER, an album of soulful, aesthetic piano music – in a minimalist style somewhere between classical and popular music.