This February, a longtime friend and PARMA artist will be joining forces with PARMA’s Project Director to bring a unique and stunning commissioned work to life in a setting fit for the piece. Composer Gregory W. Brown’s newly-commissioned Harmonies of Opposites will be performed in its world premiere on February 2 by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra under the able baton of Miran Vaupotić. PREMIERES – AMERICAN & MALTESE promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra at Manoel Theatre
Photo c. Dragos Serban

When asked what this world premiere meant to him, Greg stated “It’s always an honor and a joy to have one’s music performed publicly, and this performance is especially exciting because the premiere will be with such fine musicians and in one of the oldest working theaters in Europe (1731).”

Conductor Miran Vaupotić
Photo c. Marko Pletikosa

The concert, taking place in the Manoel Theatre, will be something of a dual American and Maltese experience, featuring the works of Greg, Maltese artist Christopher Muscat, and late Maltese composer Joseph Vella, as well as iconic American composer Leonard Bernstein’s Overture to Candide. Miran will be conducting each of these works.

“The orchestra asked me to relate my piece to Malta in some way, so I started doing some research into Maltese literature and art,” Greg explained. It didn’t take him long to find the inspiration he was looking for. “When I saw the prints of Victor Pasmore I knew immediately that I had found something special — something that I could relate to and build off of sonically. I look forward to being in Malta and getting a firsthand sense of what Pasmore fell in love with when he first visited in the late 1960s.”

Bravo to Greg and Miran, and we look forward to sharing stories from the performance!

Discover more information on PREMIERES – AMERICAN & MALTESE here.

[Featured Photo Credit: Matt Cosby]

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