CYCLES OF THE MOON, the new release from composer Ayala Asherov, is a colorful and poignant cross-section of works from various cycles of the composer’s life. As a native of Israel, Ms. Asherov’s music is largely informed by Hebrew chamber music. The music is tonal and intended to be accessible, says Asherov, “I didn’t want to write what I thought a listener would not want to hear. My guiding light—or should I say melody—is something one can hold on to while exercising the imagination.” The titles suggest themes, as in the haunting and solemn Memories of a Homeland and Tomorrow Never Came, which utilize poetry by children from the Terezin Ghetto. “These pieces were all written over the last four years and sum up a time in my life where music served as my sounding board, and in many ways kept for individual instruments and exploring the communication and intimate connection between them so deeply. This experience has given me a better understanding of myself, especially as a composer.”


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