David Warin Solomons (b. 1953) is a self-taught composer specializing in lyrical styles for instrumental and vocal combinations in various modes including whole tone, dorian, and octatonic. He began composing in 1969, starting mainly with works for classical guitar solo and voice, and then progressing to choral, chamber, and orchestral music.

He has also performed as an alto in various church and cathedral choirs which has — to a certain extent — informed his music style.

Review from the Manchester Evening News, 17 August 2001:

David W Solomons: Songs of Solomons performed by Stephen Taylor (alto) and Jonathan Leonard (piano).

“MANCHESTER composer David Solomons has written a number of gentle, wistful songs with lullaby-like, harmonically slowly evolving piano accompaniments, which these soloists perform with obvious affection.

I actually prefer the cheekier comic numbers, especially his reworking of a familiar medieval lyric in a form suitable for hayfever sufferers: Sumer is icumen in ludhè sing tishoo.

It could be a useful encore piece for recitalists.”

Gods of Music review of Blue Boar Blue string quintet:

“David Solomons breaks all the musical barriers with this outstanding composition. This can’t be placed into a genre or a time and place. I was thoroughly impressed by the technical skill this piece takes, and let me just say kudos to David W. Solomons. He transcends definition!”

Gods of Music review of Rag for tubas (Octatonic Rag):

“Mr. Solomons says that the performance ‘uses various timbral possibilities of tubas and euphoniums to great effect.’ This is an understatement. These performers galumph merrily along alternately singing, bleating, barking, whispering, grunting, and perhaps sometimes snickering while maintaining constant smoothness and fluidity. The mood is playful and mischievous.”


Dashing Vol. 2

Release Date: November 12, 2021
Catalog Number: NV6374
21st Century
Navona Records presents DASHING VOL. 2, a festive assortment of new classical and jazz arrangements and compositions inspired by staples of the holiday season. Unwrap this gift from Sarah Wallin Huff, Joseph Turrin, Kristina Marinova, Jordan VanHemert, David W. Solomons, Elizabeth J. Start, Alan Rinehart, and Joseph T. Spaniola to find a variety of new works and familiar favorites. All of the traditional holiday sounds are featured in this album, embellished with distinguished compositional twists that complement seasonal standards. Experience the holidays in a refreshing way with reharmonizations of Silent Night, Carol Of The Bells for solo guitar, a jazz arrangement of Christmas Time is Here, and more.