Andy Malloy
Classical | Chamber

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Adrienne Albert; Gernot Wolfgang; John Steinmetz
Steven J. Williams; Stephen Yip; Jason Barabba; Nick Lane
Andrew Malloy, trombone; Karolina Rojahn, piano

For too long the trombone has been ignored as a central instrument in contemporary music. On PAPER CLIPS, trombonist Andy Malloy proves the instrument's capabilities of being a driving force and, along with pianist Karolina Rojahn, its collaborative appeal. An unabashed champion for the trombone, Malloy commissioned each work on this album specifically to expand the often overlooked instrument's repertoire. These works by Adrienne Albert, Gernot Wolfgang, John Steinmetz, Steven J. Williams, Stephen Yip, and Nick Lane cast the trombone in a new light, presenting it as a tool fit for expressing emotional, lyrical, and melodic passages.

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