Release Date: September 1, 2013
Catalog #: NV5929
Format: Digital & Physical

Degaetano Concerto No. 1 | Chopin Concerto No. 1

Robert DeGaetano composer

Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra | John Yaffé conductor
Robert DeGaetano piano

This new release from concert pianist and composer Robert DeGaetano is a lush cross-section of virtuosic piano music which pairs Chopin’s Piano Concerto No.1 in E Minor and Mr. DeGaetano’s own Piano Concerto No.1 in a heart-stopping exhibition of balance and brilliance.

The much-loved and much-debated Chopin concerto was an early milestone in Mr. DeGaetano’s life. “Chopin wrote the E Minor Concerto when he was only eighteen years old and premiered it at nineteen. I strongly relate having learned it at approximately the same age. I remember that initial captivation, and I was so moved by its power and beauty,” says the now-seasoned performer recalling his studies at Juilliard.

About his own exuberant and powerful Concerto No.1, Mr. DeGaetano reveals, “Often my music will sound atonal. That is only because there are many tonal passages being played together, each offering their own information. It’s these varied resonances that interest me because they correspond to our contemporary world.’


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Artist Information

Robert DeGaetano


A native of New York City, pianist Robert DeGaetano (1946 – 2015) enjoyed a widely esteemed career as both a virtuoso interpreter of the great keyboard repertoire and a composer of striking originality and communicative intensity.

Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra


The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the foremost and oldest symphony orchestras in the Czech Republic. It is based in the historical capital of Moravia, the city of Olomouc, and has been a leader of music activities in the region for the past 70 years. Its artistic development was directly influenced by distinguished figures from the Czech and international music scene.