Marty Regan

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SCATTERING LIGHT, SCATTERING FLOWERS, the third release by composer Marty Regan in the Selected Works for Japanese Instruments series was recorded in Japan, and features large ensemble works for traditional Japanese instruments, including two concertos. Composed for female voice, shakuhachi, and the relatively rare 25-string koto, the title track is based on a deeply poetic text written by Japanese poet Haruka Nakanashi that echoes with references to traditional Japanese noh theater.

Marty Regan (b. 1972) has composed over 60 works for traditional Japanese instruments and since 2002 has been affiliated with AURA-J, one of Japan's premiere performance ensembles of contemporary-traditional Japanese music. He regularly collaborates with many of Japan's leading hogaku musicians. His English translation of Minoru Miki's orchestration manual, "Composing for Japanese Instruments" was published in 2008 by the University of Rochester Press. The only resource of its kind in English, this translation is recognized as the authoritative source on the subject.

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