Carl Vollrath
Release Date: February 10, 2015

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Michael Norsworthy, Clarinet
Yoko Hagino, Piano

The stories we tell, stemming from our experiences of people, places, and events, reveal how we understand and express the world around us. Composer Carl Vollrath presents works for clarinet and piano which depict his interpretations of past events and tones of past composers, oftentimes conveying them through ironic and spirited musical themes.

Several of the works allude to the genius and techniques of composers from the 20th century: Copland's Coda captures a writing style of Aaron Copland that incorporates the influence of French Impressionism learned during his student years in Paris. Poulenc's Plunk and Prokofiev's Polka explore the compositional characteristics of the two composers in clever and contemporary musical material. Delius's Dream is a work inspired by the English composer's residency in France later in his life, combining impressionistic themes with imagery of the English countryside.

Coco and Igor, inspired by the film Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009), expands on a five-note phrase played in the movie, while the title work and A Place Some Where reflect on experiences such as the birth of a friend's daughter, the whispers of autumn air, and the Latin-inspired music of Ástor Piazzolla. Vollrath's quirky and often humorous reminiscences give renewed life and energy to the events and composers referred to in his music, offering these memories as part of our own experiences.

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