Carol Barnett’s music has been called audacious and engaging. Her varied catalog includes works for solo voice, piano, chorus, diverse chamber ensembles, orchestra, and wind  ensemble.

She was awarded the 2003 Nancy Van de Vate International Prize for Opera for her chamber opera, Snow, and her musical theater work Meeting at Seneca Falls was featured at the 2006 Diversity Festival in Red Wing MN. The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass, commissioned in 2006 by VocalEssence and written with Marisha Chamberlain, had its Carnegie Hall debut in February 2013, and has become a favorite across the country. Recent works include Will’s Ladies, a Shakespeare cycle for mezzo-soprano Clara Osowski and the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra; A Monument to Adam, for the Cantata Singers; Summer 2020, for the 2022 Biennial National Convention of the American Guild of Organists; and When All FallsSilent, which received a Special Commendation in the King’s Singers Competition.

Barnett is a charter member of the American Composers Forum and a graduate of the  University of Minnesota, where she studied composition with Dominick Argento and Paul  Fetler. She was composer-in-residence with the Dale Warland Singers from 1992 to 2001, and  a member of the adjunct faculty at Augsburg College from 2000 to 2015.



Dashing Vol. 3

Release Date: November 4, 2022
Catalog Number: NV6472
21st Century
Folk Music
Vocal Music
Navona Records presents DASHING VOL. 3, a festive assortment of new works inspired by the signature sounds and staples of the holiday season. Comprising stories, nods to classic holiday tunes, and an underlying current of wistful nostalgia, this installment of the DASHING series keeps the spirit of holiday music alive with new compositions and arrangements of well-known favorites. Brought to life by a number of orchestras, chamber ensembles, and choirs, the works of new and returning composers to the series are sure to ignite the charm and congeniality of the holiday season, highlighting the many facets that the bright break of winter can bring.

Lock & Key Vol. II

Release Date: February 12, 2021
Catalog Number: NV6335
21st Century
Wind Ensemble
LOCK & KEY VOL II is the second presentation of five composers drawing from the well of inspiration – in highly heterogeneous ways and from a plethora of sources, yet all united by a common theme: the profound depths of the human experience. The pieces all revel exuberantly: in the natural beauty of Iceland, the nostalgia evoked by a distantly familiar melody, the random augury of a deck of tarot cards, late 19th Century anthems adapted for woodwind quintet, or the kinetic energy of musical gestures.

Treasures From the Archives

Release Date: September 1, 2014
Catalog Number: NV5970
20th Century
Vocal Music
TREASURES FROM THE ARCHIVES, composer Carol Barnett's debut solo release on Navona Records, presents shining choral arrangements and originals from the composer's diverse catalog as interpreted by several choral groups, which gives the pieces an added tonal quality and presence. Many of the featured works were arranged by Barnett for the Minnesota-based Dale Warland Singers during her nearly decade-long residency with the group.

Voices Of Earth And Air

Release Date: July 30, 2013
Catalog Number: NV5923
21st Century
Vocal Music
The poet has long been considered a vehicle for expressing human thought and emotion through literary device, setting the seemingly indescribable to text, offering direction to the enamored and forlorn alike. The human voice adds a new element to the text, providing an additional level of complexity and expressiveness.