Release Date: July 30, 2013
Catalog #: NV5923
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century
Vocal Music

Voices Of Earth And Air

Works For Chorus

Michael G. Cunningham composer
Alexandra Ottaway composer
Carol Barnett composer
David Dickau composer
Karen Tarlow composer

Kuhn Mixed Choir | Marek Vorlicek conductor
The New York Virtuoso Singers, Harold Rosenbaum conductor
Cornell University Chorus | Scott Tucker conductor
2004-2006 Minnesota Woman’s All-State Choir | Mary Alice Stollak conductor
Lyricora | C. Thomas Brooks conductor
Vox Futura | Harold Rosenbaum guest conductor

The poet has long been considered a vehicle for expressing human thought and emotion through literary device, setting the seemingly indescribable to text, offering direction to the enamored and forlorn alike. The human voice adds a new element to the text, providing an additional level of complexity and expressiveness. Like the texts that provide the source material, the works on VOICES OF EARTH AND AIR a compilation of choral works from five composers explore the deepest corners of the human condition, encapsulating the thrill of romantic emotion, the thirst for adventure, the expressive beauty of language, hope despite hardship, and more.

The choral works by Michael G. Cunningham, Karen Tarlow, Carol Barnett, Alexandra Ottaway, and David Dickau are emotionally interpreted by Lyricora (C. Thomas Brooks, conductor), the New York Virtuoso Singers (Harold Rosenbaum, conductor), the Kuhn Mixed Choir (Marek Vorlicek, conductor), the Cornell University Chorus (Scott Tucker, conductor), the 2005-2006 Minnesota Women’s All-State Choir (Mary Alice Stollak, conductor), and Vox Futura (Harold Rosenbaum, conductor), with clarinetists Katerina Cerm·kov·, Josef Jar·bek, Nela Durn&‌igrave;kov·, Veronika Hofmanov·, and Yhasmin Valenzuela; pianists Jaroslav äaroun, James Gregory, John Rowehl, Christine Starr, Xixi Zhou, Michael Monroe, and Hannah Shields; harpist Hana Mullerova and vocalist soloists Alena Hellerov·, Michaela ärumov·, Jessica Rossi, Mauri Tetrault, Mark Tempesta, and Thaddeus Bell.


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Artist Information

Michael G. Cunningham


A great artist can manifest answers to otherwise perplexing aspects of our world through their craft and help us find understanding. Composer, author, and long-time PARMA artist Michael G. Cunningham (1937-2022) was the embodiment of this truth, a prolific artist whose timeless body of work will resonate for years to come. From symphonies and other orchestral works to piano pieces, art songs, opera, choral compositions, and works for jazz ensembles spanning 11 Navona Records releases, Cunningham showed an unwavering dedication to sharing his music with the world. Upon receiving his doctorate from Indiana University, Cunningham embarked on an artistic journey that would lead him to write over 250 musical compositions spanning multiple genres, pedagogical music books, and more.

Alexandra Ottaway


Alexandra Ottaway has worked in different styles of music, from teaching with her NY State (K-12 Vocal) public school license to folk-rock recording, and from singing in A Capella choruses to accompanying bigger ones (adult and student). Her first instrument is piano. Ottaway started composing in 1980 and since 2007 has been revisiting the atonal universe in addition to songwriting. She got her BA in music from The Columbia School of General Studies and an MA in Music Education from NYU. She lives in Western MA with her husband and her cat.

Carol Barnett


Carol Barnett’s music has been called audacious and engaging. Her varied catalog includes works for solo voice, piano, chorus, diverse chamber ensembles, orchestra, and wind ensemble. She has received grants and fellowships from the Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France (1991), the Inter-University Research Committee on Cyprus (1999), the Jerome Foundation (2002), and the McKnight Foundation (2005).

David Dickau


Dr. David Dickau is a choral conductor and composer residing in Mankato, Minnesota where he is Director of Choral Activities at Minnesota State University, Mankato. As a part of his duties, Dr. Dickau conducts the Concert Choir and teaches conducting and composition. Dr. Dickau holds advanced degrees in Choral Music from Northwestern University (Evanston IL) and the University of Southern California (Los Angeles CA) where he studied with Morten Lauridsen and Rodney Eichenberger. He has taught choral music on both the high school and college levels and has conducted community and church choirs.

Karen A. Tarlow


Born in the Boston MA area, Karen A. Tarlow now lives in Western Massachusetts and composes music on commission. She has written for a wide range of vocal and instrumental forces, including ballets, solo and chamber works, choral music and music for orchestra. Most recently (2011), she composed a new work for Mak’hela: The Jewish Chorus of Western Massachusetts; new music for the Da Camera Singers; and completed music for a series of multi-media ballets and puppet shows for children for Picture Book Theatre and the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Vox Futura


Vox Futura is New England's premier recording choir for composers, recording artists, film, television, and video games. Past projects have included work with internationally distributed classical production house PARMA Recordings, video game companies Nintendo and Bandai Namco, legendary German power metal band Blind Guardian, and platinum selling world music artist Sami Yusef.

Kühn Choir of Prague


The Kühn Choir of Prague is one of the largest Czech choirs and has been part of the musical world for over 60 years. It devotes itself to the choral repertoire of all periods, and its activities include significant performances of contemporary music, performances of large vocal-instrumental works in collaboration with leading Czech orchestras and, last but not least, projects for the performance and recording of film music.