Sergio Cervetti
Martin Schlumpf
Ovidiu Marinescu
Robert A. Baker
Jim Rhinehart
Adam O'Dell
Mei-Fang Lin
Jessica Rudman
Kirsten Volness
Alberto Ginastera
Constantin Dimitrescu
Mac Ritchey

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10 concerts, 7 venues, 3 days. The inaugural PARMA Music Festival in 2013 featured more than 100 composers and performers in works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, solo instruments, and jazz groups, as well as improvised collaborations between indie rockers and classical instrumentalists. This release collects some of the finest performances from the Festival, as recorded by the PARMA Recordings production team.

Ensembles include the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra, the PARMA Orchestra, cellist Ovidiu Marinescu, the Portsmouth Music & Arts Jazz Ensemble, and many more in works by Alberto Ginastera, Martin Schlumpf, Sergio Cervetti, Robert A. Baker, Jim Rhinehart, Adam O'Dell, Mei-Fang Lin, Jessica Rudman, Kirsten Volness, and Constantin Dimitrescu.

PARMA Music Festival LLC is a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking barriers and bridging genres, bringing together regional and international artists and audiences spanning the genres of classical, jazz, rock, world music, and more in unusual and unexpected settings. The second annual Festival will take place in Portsmouth NH on August 13-16, 2014.

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